Baby Number TWO!?

Oh my my my, how I want another baby!

My husband was drunk the other night and told me we could try in April! Funny enough that made me realize I need a little longer before trying. Maybe… I really would love a little girl, and according to the Chinese gender predictor, only October would give me a girl! But if we conceived in October, then both our babies would be born in July!

How did you all decide on baby number 2, or 3 or 4 ect…

I remember when we had Greyson, we discussed just waiting until after my 21st and then trying, so I could party for it. But now, I honestly don’t care about my 21st. Yes, it would be AMAZING to go to Vegas and everything, but if I am breastfeeding, and haven’t expressed enough for a weekend, then I would just as much love a movie and dinner at home with the family.

But back to trying again. I have the Mirena, and I am not worried sickless that it will take a long time to get pregnant! I really hope not!

Have any of you tried after having the Mirena removed? How long did it take? Did anybody get pregnant WITH the Mirena!?

B x

Finger foods 6-8 months…With a celiac in the family!

Being a 20 year old mother to an almost 8 month old, I feel I am watched like a hawk. I was 19 when I gave birth and from day 1 I had older ladies sticking their noses up at me because to them, I was a typical “Teen Mother”.

Personally, for me, this made me more determined to be a rock star mummy! And just last week, my parents and younger brother flew to Tokyo and we all stayed there.

I started Greyson on solids at 4 months with the doctors go ahead, as he had already doubled his birth weight, and was a hungry boy! And as soon as he hit 6 months he started finger foods. I get nervous he will choke so we did “Mum Mums” (Rusks) for a while, and within the last 4 weeks we have introduced Cucumber sticks, which he ADORES. Now most people would be giving eggs and slices of toast, I wish I could. My husband has celiac so we are avoiding flour as much as possible! So for all these mummy’s doing the same, what do you give baby?

Greyson’s food consists of:

  • Gerber Tomato sticks (graduates)
  • Gerber Apple Wagon Wheels (Graduates)
  • Cucumber Sticks
  • Gerber jarred meat/fruits/smoothies

He has also tried things such as rice, broccoli florets and sausage meat, and everything this boy eats, he loves.

Once a week maximum, he also has some milky bar chocolate drops and Kindr Bueno Chocolate. Just like his mama, he is a choco-holic.

And now my monkey will turn 8 months on Saturday, and I will slowly introduce cheese and lunch meat, and of course some more veggies!

What do you little ones eat? Do you plan on introducing flour before 1?

Gluten Free Cookies! Super easy!

So, my husband is Celiac, and of course, everybody loves cookies.

We decided to cut out flour 99% (he will have sushi and sometimes result in having their Soy sauce which contains flour!) but we decided to try lots of recipes.

This recipes makes amazing cookies, and for those who make gluten free goods, you will know it mainly turns out flavourless and hard. Well, these are EXTREMELY gooey, and so delicious, I actually prefer them to normal cookies!

So here we go, these are the ingredients:

  • 1/4 cup of butter
  • 1/2 cup PLUS 2 tablespoons brown sugar (I used dark brown)
  • 2 tablespoons white sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Vanilla extract
  • 1 egg
  • 1 cup PLUS 2 tablespoons Gluten Free Flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon Baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 6 ozs chocolate/butterscotch chips. I used both but chocolate is better!

My Method:

  1. Preheat oven to 190c/375f/Gas mark 5
  2. Mix the butter and sugars. Add egg and Vanilla.
  3. Sift together flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  4. Add the chocolate chips, and mix everything.
  5. Bake on baking paper for 6-8 minutes.
  6. Let cool and eat 🙂 This is my favourite step!


Did yours turn out good? Were they gooey? I will try and post some British recipes too, I like to tweek most of my meals as my husband thinks normal British food is “bland”.

Newspaper print nails?


Hello again!

So I thought I would add a little beauty to the blog.

I don’t have nails! I bite them constantly throughout the day, yet I hate them being short? I hear it is a harder habit to break than to quit smoking! Well, I still decided to paint them once, and I decided to do a newspaper print design. All you will need is:

  • White/Grey polish
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Or Vodka)
  • A small glass (for the alcohol)
  • 10 strips of newspaper
  • Clear top coat polish (I just used clear polish)

And here is the technique:

  1. Poor in some alcohol into the glass.
  2. Paint your nails with your chosen colour of polish.
  3. Let dry, then dip your nail into the glass. Make sure your ENTIRE nail gets alcohol on it.
  4. Place and press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly but carefully for 30 seconds. (do NOT Move the strip around)
  5. Remove the strip, and repeat on each nail.
  6. Once done and dry, apply your clear polish! And ta-da, you have the press on your fingers (literally!)

So, how did yours turn out? I can assure you they will look much nicer than my chewed up ones!

“Helpless Asian Man Attacked and Jumped by 7 Others”

I am not going to link this video. Mainly because I find it so disturbing!

HOWEVER, I am sure many of you are aware of this video. It went around the internet yesterday, faster than a… Well I keep thinking snail in my head but it really was fast haha.

I got into doing research into it, and there were so many stories as to why this “gang” decided to attack this guy!

I personally find it disgusting! There is no excuse. Even revenge. With my research, I see it was one of two reasons:

  1. The victim ‘attacked’ the main ring leader “Wesley Wu” this previous October with 20 men
  2. The victim had recently started their school, and told a teacher one of the boys, “Raymond Polomino” (sp?) was copying him. They started bullying him and the victim retaliated by making a picture of Raymond’s head on a cow.

Well, I know which one sounds more likely to me, but that is just MY opinion. What do you think? Do you agree if point number 1 was correct, then he deserved it?

I heard all the attackers par 2 have been detained and will most likely be getting charged. I think they deserve it. Bullying is just so wrong. Society is just wrong now!

B x

First official post! The story behind my husband!

So, Imagine yourself in a bar that is usually over crowded, but dead on this night, just yourself, a friend, and the staff! In Bahrain, the Middle East! (I can’t find a photo of how the club use to look!)(I should mention it is May 2009)

Well, my friend and I were waiting at the bar, for her 2 friends to show up. I had recently broke up with my ex and needed the night out, we had just been to a photoshoot trial type thing at the beach club so we felt pretty great! Suddenly, in walks 2 American Navy guys. (My friend and I are from the UK, she is full Irish) I don’t recall ever talking to Navy guys before this! Patric, one of the guys, came to the bar and asks us to take a photo of them for his friends birthday, I ignored them and my friend rushed over to take the picture, and herself and Patric came bounding over to me and my friend was telling me how ‘hot’ the other guy was, so I thought, hey lets go talk to them whilst we wait.

1 drink followed by another, and another… We were talking all night and we all hit it off! I kept talking to this guy after this night, but he had to leave and I was bummed out. We kept in touch with Patric and he told us his Twin friends were coming over. Well I didn’t care, males annoyed me now! So I carried on going out, and having girls nights. When one night, Patric text me asking me what I was wearing out, and without thinking I text him:

“Black waist skirt with a blue/white/black strap top,” his reply:

“Okay cool! Nate is wearing a red shirt”

So I looked around the bar and had to laugh, almost every guy was wearing a red shirt!! So I forgot about it and didn’t feel the urge to find “the twins”. One was in a relationship with his girlfriend back home so I knew that Nathan was the only single one. Nathan and his brother were VERY good friends with the guy I had been talking to prior! Well a few minutes after these texts, I get a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and this adorably cute smiling boy with a red shirt and he said in such a sweet way, “Are you Beki?” I smiled and nodded, so we decided to talk, and I slowly drifted away from the girls and was stood on the crowded dance floor with him just talking!

He gave me his number and headed up to his room (He was staying in the hotel were the club is) and then text me with the best text I had EVER gotten.

“Goodnight, beautiful.”

So basic, yet so perfect. So we were texting non stop for days! And he asked me to meet him somewhere after those days of texting, so we decided on Mcdonald’s! So classy! I took my younger brother with me and we met him outside the hotel and walked over to Mcdonald’s. We had fun to say the least. He then invited me to his friends leaving party at that club, so I agreed. And I got their early to wait. Well he showed up, we had fun, we “swayed’ (I do NOT dance at bars or clubs, I sway!) and towards the end of the night, we stood staring at each other, and he leant in for a kiss, so, we kissed! And everyone in the bar was there for his friend’s party, and they ALL started whistleing, and cheering, and shouting and taking photo’s! My husband described the feeling as if he had just scored a touchdown. It was so exciting.

We were inseparable, I would walk to his hotel room in the blistering hear of the Middle East, just to see him! We did everything together, and if I stayed home with my parents and he went out, he would show up at my door at midnight just for a kiss good night, he even bought me a rose one night!

He then got a house near my parents, so I was always there. I would stay the night, a house party would kick off and I would then wake up the clean the entire house. I did his laundry, and even bought him a Christmas tree to make the villa look homely at Christmas! Our first Christmas came and passed and 2010 started, things were going great, we had started dating very early June of 2009. 2010 flew by, we went to the Navy balls together, he would come to family dinners, my parents loved him. When we met, we both made it clear we understood this was only a relationship for Bahrain, he was leaving in May 2010… I dreaded it… By the time May rolled back around, his orders got extended! ANOTHER year together. By this time things were serious. He rolled over in bed one night and told me he wanted to Marry me one day. I was speechless so I just hugged him as tight as he could, and he told me that was the best answer I could have given him!

He flew home to California that summer so for 3 weeks I was lonely and missed him, but for the last week, he had me fly out and meet his family! I adored them. They treated me like I was their family! So we moved in together in September 2010! However, very early November I found out I was pregnant! We were in the Middle East, unmarried and PREGNANT! I was only 18! Well, we dealt with it, we payed a lot of money to get everything sorted for a Bahraini marriage. We had monthly scans at the Private Hospital and found out it was a boy at my 13 week scan! Things felt great!

We finally flew out to Cyprus on May 20th 2011. We got married on the 24th and spent the rest of our break sunbathing and shopping! Sadly, we were the only people there, and had 2 ladies from a company helping us with the paperwork be our witnesses. I was now Mrs. Giardina! We then had my husband’s new orders come through. We were moving to JAPAN!

July 10th came and I woke up at 2am with cramps. I didn’t think it was labour! But at 4.30am, Nathan woke up and told me I was in labour! He showered and I insisted he go to work and I call him if anything progresses. Well, to late, apparently my water had broken then, but I didn’t even realize! Pain did kick in, but I expected worse. He rushed me to the hospital, and as soon as the nurse checked they rushed me into the delivery room and urged the doctor here. At 6.28am our son was in our arms! My parents adore my family and I couldn’t be happier! We left Bahrain at the end of September, and we went to England, I showed Nathan were I grew up and we stayed with my Aunt, we toured Sherwood Forest 🙂 Such fun! (I am from Nottinghamshire!) Then we flew to California and spent a month with my In-Laws.

Now, we are in our own little Japanese house in Yokosuka. Our life is going amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, we are human, we fight, we laugh, we have bad days, we have good days. But we resolve our issues, Nathan is great at that! I try to do the silent method, but he pushes me into smiling and forgetting why I was even mad! Which is just one reason the man of my dreams is my man for life!

My men!

This is our first kiss.

Hello world!

So I guess I should introduce myself!

I am Beki! I am 19 years old and I am “Newly-Wed”. I married my Husband in May 2011. We have a gorgeous little boy together who was born July 10th 2011.

The reason I made this blog was to pretty much just express myself, and put in my “2 cents” of happenings everywhere. And I am sure I could share my amazing jokes! (I just don’t understand why my husband never laughs at my jokes!)

Anyway, within my blog I will try to insert some polls, so everybody could have their say and get their opinions heard, and of course I will share my photo’s! (I take A LOT of photo’s of my son!) I am pretty sure I have at least 1 thing in common with EVERYBODY who reads this, too!

Alas, I will start my first “Blog entry” now!

B x