Baby Number TWO!?

Oh my my my, how I want another baby!

My husband was drunk the other night and told me we could try in April! Funny enough that made me realize I need a little longer before trying. Maybe… I really would love a little girl, and according to the Chinese gender predictor, only October would give me a girl! But if we conceived in October, then both our babies would be born in July!

How did you all decide on baby number 2, or 3 or 4 ect…

I remember when we had Greyson, we discussed just waiting until after my 21st and then trying, so I could party for it. But now, I honestly don’t care about my 21st. Yes, it would be AMAZING to go to Vegas and everything, but if I am breastfeeding, and haven’t expressed enough for a weekend, then I would just as much love a movie and dinner at home with the family.

But back to trying again. I have the Mirena, and I am not worried sickless that it will take a long time to get pregnant! I really hope not!

Have any of you tried after having the Mirena removed? How long did it take? Did anybody get pregnant WITH the Mirena!?

B x


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