Finger foods 6-8 months…With a celiac in the family!

Being a 20 year old mother to an almost 8 month old, I feel I am watched like a hawk. I was 19 when I gave birth and from day 1 I had older ladies sticking their noses up at me because to them, I was a typical “Teen Mother”.

Personally, for me, this made me more determined to be a rock star mummy! And just last week, my parents and younger brother flew to Tokyo and we all stayed there.

I started Greyson on solids at 4 months with the doctors go ahead, as he had already doubled his birth weight, and was a hungry boy! And as soon as he hit 6 months he started finger foods. I get nervous he will choke so we did “Mum Mums” (Rusks) for a while, and within the last 4 weeks we have introduced Cucumber sticks, which he ADORES. Now most people would be giving eggs and slices of toast, I wish I could. My husband has celiac so we are avoiding flour as much as possible! So for all these mummy’s doing the same, what do you give baby?

Greyson’s food consists of:

  • Gerber Tomato sticks (graduates)
  • Gerber Apple Wagon Wheels (Graduates)
  • Cucumber Sticks
  • Gerber jarred meat/fruits/smoothies

He has also tried things such as rice, broccoli florets and sausage meat, and everything this boy eats, he loves.

Once a week maximum, he also has some milky bar chocolate drops and Kindr Bueno Chocolate. Just like his mama, he is a choco-holic.

And now my monkey will turn 8 months on Saturday, and I will slowly introduce cheese and lunch meat, and of course some more veggies!

What do you little ones eat? Do you plan on introducing flour before 1?


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