Newspaper print nails?


Hello again!

So I thought I would add a little beauty to the blog.

I don’t have nails! I bite them constantly throughout the day, yet I hate them being short? I hear it is a harder habit to break than to quit smoking! Well, I still decided to paint them once, and I decided to do a newspaper print design. All you will need is:

  • White/Grey polish
  • Rubbing Alcohol (Or Vodka)
  • A small glass (for the alcohol)
  • 10 strips of newspaper
  • Clear top coat polish (I just used clear polish)

And here is the technique:

  1. Poor in some alcohol into the glass.
  2. Paint your nails with your chosen colour of polish.
  3. Let dry, then dip your nail into the glass. Make sure your ENTIRE nail gets alcohol on it.
  4. Place and press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly but carefully for 30 seconds. (do NOT Move the strip around)
  5. Remove the strip, and repeat on each nail.
  6. Once done and dry, apply your clear polish! And ta-da, you have the press on your fingers (literally!)

So, how did yours turn out? I can assure you they will look much nicer than my chewed up ones!