“Helpless Asian Man Attacked and Jumped by 7 Others”

I am not going to link this video. Mainly because I find it so disturbing!

HOWEVER, I am sure many of you are aware of this video. It went around the internet yesterday, faster than a… Well I keep thinking snail in my head but it really was fast haha.

I got into doing research into it, and there were so many stories as to why this “gang” decided to attack this guy!

I personally find it disgusting! There is no excuse. Even revenge. With my research, I see it was one of two reasons:

  1. The victim ‘attacked’ the main ring leader “Wesley Wu” this previous October with 20 men
  2. The victim had recently started their school, and told a teacher one of the boys, “Raymond Polomino” (sp?) was copying him. They started bullying him and the victim retaliated by making a picture of Raymond’s head on a cow.

Well, I know which one sounds more likely to me, but that is just MY opinion. What do you think? Do you agree if point number 1 was correct, then he deserved it?

I heard all the attackers par 2 have been detained and will most likely be getting charged. I think they deserve it. Bullying is just so wrong. Society is just wrong now!

B x