Hello world!

So I guess I should introduce myself!

I am Beki! I am 19 years old and I am “Newly-Wed”. I married my Husband in May 2011. We have a gorgeous little boy together who was born July 10th 2011.

The reason I made this blog was to pretty much just express myself, and put in my “2 cents” of happenings everywhere. And I am sure I could share my amazing jokes! (I just don’t understand why my husband never laughs at my jokes!)

Anyway, within my blog I will try to insert some polls, so everybody could have their say and get their opinions heard, and of course I will share my photo’s! (I take A LOT of photo’s of my son!) I am pretty sure I have at least 1 thing in common with EVERYBODY who reads this, too!

Alas, I will start my first “Blog entry” now!

B x